Posted by: ankoma37 | February 15, 2010

Jesus meets MMA

An evangelical church in Memphis, Tennessee has begun to use the sport of Mixed Martial Arts to attract men and young boys to their domination. This mixture goes by the name of “Xtreme Ministries.” Their motto? “Where Feet, Fist and Faith Collide.” The goal is said to be to insert more masculinity into both their ministries and the image of Jesus. You can read the rest of the story here.

They couldn’t have picked a more mismatched pair. While trying to appeal to a younger audience is admirable, couldn’t they pick something more bilbicaly accuarate? Where in the bible does say Jesus threw down his oppressors, got them into an armbar and forced a tap out? In fact where in the bible does it say Jesus was a fighter? The man favored turning the other cheek and forgiving his enmies. Apparenty the minstry forgot the whole “treat your neighbour as you would yourself” part of the New Testament. The only time Jesus ever came close to fighting was when some tax collectors gathered in a temple. That’s when Jesus pulled out the stops and whipped their asses out of there.

Is that the image the evangelicals really want to produce in order to get more participants? That Jesus, rather than standing for peace, purity, and holyness, is just another beer chugging, testsorone driven jackass like the rest of us men? The pastors seriously have not thought this through enough.

There have to be other ways to spice up the ministry.



  1. This is a cool story about a cool subject! Keep up the good work!

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