Posted by: ankoma37 | May 17, 2010

For Sale Signs

For sale signs have gotten as common in Baltimore as murders are.



  1. I’m confused with this post. There’s a picture and a sentence to go with it, but it almost seems pointless. It sounds like it could be a great story to read, but theres nothing to it. It leaves me wondering though what could be the issue is in the Baltimore area for rel-estate, but it would of been nice to read a story about it.

  2. I still want to know where this picture was taken! You are a person who has really interested me this semester. Your topics have been very interesting, I’ll take it back to the puppet making class, amazing! You are very talented and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw your name in the papers one day. It was a pleasure sitting next to you in class!

  3. The introduction line and the picture draws in the audience. It looks like you need to organize and complete your blog.

  4. I love a blunt article. This piece was as blunt as a bludgeoning, and for that I believe it accomplished its goal. The status of the real estate market in Baltimore should be ranked amongst the community as just as significant concern as the crime rate. To view these as separate entities is a terrible mistake, because they are very much linked to one another. Great job. Great piece. Way to think outside of the box and write about something with substantive value. Two thumbs up.

  5. Comparing murder and how many for sale signs is an interesting comparison. The photo gives a nice perspective on the matter as well. I didn’t see your slideshow and am wondering if the link was forgotten. It would of been nice to see it because this is such an eye catching topic.

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