Posted by: ankoma37 | February 27, 2011

Comic Creator Passes On

On Febuary 22, the comic book world suffered a great loss as comic creator and story editor, Dwayne McDuffie died from complications from surgical  procedure.

If his name doesn’t sound familiar it would have to be because some of his best work came from behind the scenes. But even non-comic fans should know of his work through word of mouth from their friends, children, or just from flipping through the channels.

McDuffie is best known for adding diversity and prominent black characters in a mostly white-washed genre. In 1993 he launched several characters through DC comics (Superman and Batman’s home company), including Static, Icon, and Xombi. In 2000, Static was given his own animated series called Static Shock, a show that I am posistive was on the Satuday morning cartoon watch list for every 10 year old kid in 2000. And in case you can’t remember:

I know there are readers out there who just got hit by the nostalgia wave.  Or at least parents who remember seeing that show on TV when they told their kid to turn down the cartoons.

McDuffie also worked on 69 out of the 91 episodes of the Justice League television series that ran on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2006.  One of his most notable episodes (at least for me) is “For the Man Who Has Everything” which not only shows us Superman’s greatest dream (a life of peace with a wife and son on a farm) but what happens when you seriously piss off the most powerful man on the planet.

McDuffie is survived by his wife, to whom I send my deepest condolences.

Rest in peace, Dwayne McDuffie you will always be a legend to all of us comic fans.



  1. Nice post, Omari. I like how you incorporated the video clips.
    Please remember to add a category for our class — mcom341 — and use it on all your posts.

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