Posted by: ankoma37 | March 7, 2011

Aquaman: Finally awesome? (MCOM 341)

The latest episode of Greg Weisman’s newest series Young Justice, featured a much needed focus on team leader Aqualad. Many fans balked at the idea of Aqualad being team leader when the series was first announced. This is mainly because the general idea (among both comic fans and non-fans) of both Aquaman and Aqualad is two water guys who are useless on land and have dumb superpowers. (swimming fast and telepathically talk to fish). This idea has been relentlessly mocked by comedy shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken.

These spoofs make valid points of the flaws with the character. I mean do you really expect Aquaman of all superheroes to jump out of the sea and stop a bank robber? What can he do against a guy with a gun? Sick a goldfish on him?

However many of these parodies are based on the old Superfriends verison of the character. Who offered little help to the group on land. This once again was mocked by Cartoon Network.

So let’s face it, 1970’s Aquaman sucks.

Greg Weisman’s version of the character does not.

Ever since the show’s launch Weisman and his team have worked to subvert every downside and sucky aspect of Aqualad. For example, this Aqualad has sword-like hilts that can take water from any source and turn it into weapons (water swords, water maces, water whips, etc…), he also has tough skin from living in undersea pressure and is immune to most poisons. And when all else fails, Aqualad is able to unleash a bio-electrical shock that takes down most foes.

He is easily the most level-headed and calm member of the team, compared to the short tempered Superboy, abrasive Artemis impulsive Kid Flash, naive Miss Martian and secretive Robin.

The latest episode Downtime finally gave Aqualad and his fellow people of the deep to show off their true abilities. From summonings to enhanced martial arts.

I encourage both fans and non-fans alike to watch this particular episode and I assure you that the words “Aqualad” and “suck” will never cross your lips again.


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