Posted by: ankoma37 | March 14, 2011

Young Justice: Bereft

Episode nine of Young Justice, opens with the team separated in the desert, with their memory wiped of the last six months. Miss Martian runs into Superboy, who because he was “born” in only sixteen weeks (four months), he’s been reduced to the mindset of a wild animal.  Or because of his massive strength and grunts, a D.C. Incredible Hulk.

Unlike the past four episodes where the focus was on a single character, this episode was very much an ensemble piece, although Miss Maritan did become more prominent to the plot near the conclusion of the episode, each team member (save for Aqualad) was given plenty of chances to show off. Robin, who has been mostly the team hacker and stealth expert, is given a great hand-to-hand combat sequence where he shows what skills you can get from training with Batman. Kid Flash finally shows what the fastest kid alive can do (even though he was running on empty) and Artemis shows that her bow is more than just for show.

The episode leads up to a final confrontation with Ms. Martian and “Simon” the psychic responsible for the team memory loss. The result was a pretty cool physic battle within Miss Martian’s head.

There was also some not-so subtle hints as to which characters are going to hook-up in the near future, with a special focus on Miss Martian and Superboy. In the previous episode “Downtime” Superboy and Miss Martian shared an “almost kiss” moment, only to be interrupted by Red Tornado, this was repeated after Miss Martian’s fight with Simon, only to be interrupted once again. It’s hard to see where Mr. Weisman and crew are going in terms of romance but knowing Greg Wesiman it will be good.

Unfortunately there will not be any new episodes until April.



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