Posted by: ankoma37 | April 3, 2011

New Green Lantern footage=Holy Sh*&!!!

At Wonder-Con this weekend the curtain was lifted revealing the newest footage of the anticipated Green Lantern movie. The first trailer revealed at last summer’s Comic-Con left many fans wanting. Mostly because it seemed to feature Ryan Reynolds being….well….Ryan Reynolds….a cocky, jokester kind of character. While Hal Jordan is indeed a lighthearted character, the Hal presented in the first trailer seemed more consistent with Reynolds past comedy characters, which made many skeptical of the movie’s success. And with only a few glimpses of Hal in costume and using his power ring, with the CGI looking only mildly impressive, fanboys seemed ready to pass this movie off as a failure.

The new footage shut them up pretty quickly.

Needless to say it was INCREDIBLE.

It was everything fans thought the first trailer would be, with the focus being less on Hal’s Earth life and more on his new life as a Green Lantern on Oa. There were more displays of Green Lantern power and even an entire scene of all the alien life being featured. All of which looked amazing. Of course no trailer is complete without a few glimpses of the villain. In this case Parallax , who either posses a nosy scientist or is a large cloud of massive destruction. Either way it looks as thought he will be a credible threat to our hero.

It goes without saying that I am extremely excited for this movie. If it does well as I hope it does, D.C. will finally get another out in the public other than Batman and Superman. Hopefully we will finally see a Flash movie and a Wonder Woman movie come soon after. Until then, can’t wait until June 17!


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