Posted by: ankoma37 | April 11, 2011

Can “Man of Steel” soar?

After months of speculation, Superman fans finally have a confirmed title and villain for the new movie written by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder . The movie will called Man of Steel and the villain shall be the infamous General Zod.

Say it with me now……


With that out of the way, let continue to say that I really do hope this movie ends up doing well. Let’s face it, Superman is in major need of a good movie for this decade. Superman Returns had a lot of hype attached to it but ultimately failed to deliver because of several factors. The first and most importantly factor is that throughout Returns, Superman failed to throw a single punch. The most action in the movie was Superman saving a falling plane, which really is a normal thing for the ol’ Man of Steel. And while the save was spectacular and fun to watch, that was only fast-paced scene in the movie. Afterwards all the audience got was bullets bouncing off of him or having our hero grovel in front of Lex Luthor on a kryptonite powered land mass.

Which brings us to the next disappointment in Returns, Luthor. Lex Luthor is Superman’s biggest foe, even non-comic fans can say that much. He is the biggest cause of grief for Superman in the same way the Joker is for Batman. However, there has yet been a movie where Superman and Luthor have a knock down brawl for the fate of Metropolis. Many directors often forget Luthor puts on a krptonite powered suit and can really lay into Superman himself.

Hopefully the newest movie can avoid these pitfalls and finally emphasize the “SUPER” in Superman.






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