Posted by: ankoma37 | May 9, 2011

The Mighty Thor Hammers in a Success

It’s official, The Mighty Thor is a hit!

Since it’s premiere on (fittingly enough) Thursday May 5, Thor has earned 66 million dollars at the box office.

While I have never been much of a Thor fan and only seen him in team up issues of Spider-Man and Hulk, seeing this movies makes me want to read more about the God of Thunder.

The movie follows Thor who is a reckless and impulsive warrior who would prefer his hammer do the talking rather than his mouth. When his recklessness shatters a peace his father Odin worked so hard to maintain, Thor is stripped of his powers, his mighty hammer and his exiled to Earth.

While Thor is finding his away around us mortals, his brother Loki is working to prove himself a better successor to the throne than his brash brother.

Ever since Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, superhero movies have worked to make themselves “darker” “gritter” and more “realistic”. Thor walks up to that notion and smacks it around with his hammer.

The movie not only embraces its mythological roots it uses CGI to turn up the juice. Asagard looks AMAZING

And Thor’s battles looks lifted off the pages of the comic books. But what really makes the movie work is Chris Hemsworth’s performance as the God of Thunder.

Everything from his speech, his walk, his gestures his smile and his body,

Men admit it, you just went a little gay

all scream god of thunder.  Hemsworth comes off as so genuine that you wouldn’t think of him as anyone but Thor.

And as with Marvel Studios past three films, the movie sets up for the Avengers the appearance of S.H.I.E.L.D. and references to Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

With Thor finishing Marvel’s preemptive strike, Captain American is posed to maintain the momentum with his movie premiering on July 22.


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