Posted by: ankoma37 | December 11, 2012

Man of Steel Trailer bursts onto the scene

A full trailer for the Man of Steel has finally hit the internet and long story short….it’s F*CKING AWESOME!

Very few trailers have given me the goosebumps that Man of Steel gave me within two minutes of footage. Everything in the trailer, in my view, is golden. The music, the acting, the effects, and the overall mood. Now when Man of Steel was first announced and they said that the tone would be darker, I had my doubts. Superman is not a dark or brooding character. He’s more focused on saving people than his own problems.

But the tone struck in the trailer showed me that they managed to get it right. Clark isn’t so much brooding that he has powers, it’s the fact that he doesn’t know what to do with them. There’s a striking scene where via voice over we learn that Clark saved a bus full of kids and a classmate saw him and told his mom. Pa Kent tells Clark that he has to keep what he can do a secret. Clark asks if Pa wanted him to let those kids die and his father says “Maybe.”

It’s questions like that, that can make a “darker” Superman work. It’s not about vengeance or personal gain, it’s about Superman trying to figure out how best to use these great abilities and the setbacks that come with exposing himself to the world.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but come Summer 2013 I know what movie I’ll be first in line for.

I could say more, but I’m still waiting for these goosebumps to wear off.

So what about the rest of you? Did the trailer give you goosebumps? Make you groan in frustration? Or just meh? Let me know below.


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