Martial Arts Club Kicks off Semester

By Omari Richards
TU journalism student|Sept. 15, 2009

The Towson Martial Arts Club (TUMAC), held its first meeting Monday night, students ranging from zero to ten years of martial arts experience gathered at the Mezzanine in Burdick hall.

Club president, John Howard and his associates Steven Case and James T. Phillips spearheaded the meeting. With thirty-six students in attendance the club was divided into three groups, grappling, strikes, and throws.

“Experience doesn’t matter here,” Howard said to the group. “I’m sure in the first thirty minutes all of you will learn something new.”

Many beginners chose the strike group, instructed by Howard, and were taught basic punch-kick combinations. Grappling, taught by Case who has a background in Brazilian-Jujitsu, introduced the most experienced of students to ground techniques and submission holds.

“Grappling is an important skill set often overlooked by traditional schools,” Case said during instruction. “Many of the most experienced martial artists can be beaten if they’re taken to the ground.”

Because of an issue in spacing, the throw group, instructed by Phillips was taken outside. Many of the basic throw techniques included escape throws from being grabbed from the front and back.

“All three of these groups are important for defending yourself,” Phillips said. “If a martial artist ever gets to know all three pretty well, I wouldn’t want to mess with him.”


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