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Thor review reaction

Today IGN posted their review on Marvel’s newest superhero movie Thor. I have never been much of a follower of Thor, but still I have to say I am really excited to see this movie. Judging from IGN’s basic symbiosis, there’s not much in terms of spoiler material for the movie. Thor is cast out from the relm of the gods and must learn humility in order to return. A basic plotline if nothing else, but also opens up the movie for what I am sure to be fantastic action sequences.

The review mentions S.H.I.E.L.D agent Phil Coulson, a familiar face to those who have seen Iron Man and its sequel. Its nice to see Marvel is taking its movie continuity seriously.

The reviewer mentions one gripe about the movie is that Thor is basically in the human world for what seems like a weekend and not only learns humility and honor but falls madly in love with Natalie Portman’s character. While it is understandable that any guy would be smitten by any character played by her, true love is a rather hard thing for me to accept. It is a gripe I have with many action movies. The male and female character suddenly locking lips near the end with no real build up or believable courting at all.

Dpesite that still looking forward to the movie.

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Can “Man of Steel” soar?

After months of speculation, Superman fans finally have a confirmed title and villain for the new movie written by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder . The movie will called Man of Steel and the villain shall be the infamous General Zod.

Say it with me now……


With that out of the way, let continue to say that I really do hope this movie ends up doing well. Let’s face it, Superman is in major need of a good movie for this decade. Superman Returns had a lot of hype attached to it but ultimately failed to deliver because of several factors. The first and most importantly factor is that throughout Returns, Superman failed to throw a single punch. The most action in the movie was Superman saving a falling plane, which really is a normal thing for the ol’ Man of Steel. And while the save was spectacular and fun to watch, that was only fast-paced scene in the movie. Afterwards all the audience got was bullets bouncing off of him or having our hero grovel in front of Lex Luthor on a kryptonite powered land mass.

Which brings us to the next disappointment in Returns, Luthor. Lex Luthor is Superman’s biggest foe, even non-comic fans can say that much. He is the biggest cause of grief for Superman in the same way the Joker is for Batman. However, there has yet been a movie where Superman and Luthor have a knock down brawl for the fate of Metropolis. Many directors often forget Luthor puts on a krptonite powered suit and can really lay into Superman himself.

Hopefully the newest movie can avoid these pitfalls and finally emphasize the “SUPER” in Superman.




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New Green Lantern footage=Holy Sh*&!!!

At Wonder-Con this weekend the curtain was lifted revealing the newest footage of the anticipated Green Lantern movie. The first trailer revealed at last summer’s Comic-Con left many fans wanting. Mostly because it seemed to feature Ryan Reynolds being….well….Ryan Reynolds….a cocky, jokester kind of character. While Hal Jordan is indeed a lighthearted character, the Hal presented in the first trailer seemed more consistent with Reynolds past comedy characters, which made many skeptical of the movie’s success. And with only a few glimpses of Hal in costume and using his power ring, with the CGI looking only mildly impressive, fanboys seemed ready to pass this movie off as a failure.

The new footage shut them up pretty quickly.

Needless to say it was INCREDIBLE.

It was everything fans thought the first trailer would be, with the focus being less on Hal’s Earth life and more on his new life as a Green Lantern on Oa. There were more displays of Green Lantern power and even an entire scene of all the alien life being featured. All of which looked amazing. Of course no trailer is complete without a few glimpses of the villain. In this case Parallax , who either posses a nosy scientist or is a large cloud of massive destruction. Either way it looks as thought he will be a credible threat to our hero.

It goes without saying that I am extremely excited for this movie. If it does well as I hope it does, D.C. will finally get another out in the public other than Batman and Superman. Hopefully we will finally see a Flash movie and a Wonder Woman movie come soon after. Until then, can’t wait until June 17!

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Sym-Bionic Titan Cancelled: WTF Cartoon Network?!?!?

This week was Cartoon Network annual Upfront, an event where Cartoon Network big wigs basically announce new shows and shows that are getting a second season. This year was no different.  With announcements and cancellations that made fans cheer and weep.

Most notable was the cancellation of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Sym-Bionic Titan, A show seemingly dedicated to the older fans who have grown up with Tartakovsky’s eariler work such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Power Puff Girls. The show was well received and fans appricated how it manged to push the limits of the animation censors, giving gems such as the cheerleader Kimmy’s little dance towards one of the main characters Octus/Newton

The creepiest tentacle creature ever imagined in western animation

And the most climatic sword battle in animation recently (fight starts at 1:08)

It’s still unclear as to what ended the series. Despite several moves in air times, the show continued to have a loyal following and earned ratings that rivaled the network’s primary action shows such as Young Justice, Ben 10 and Star Wars: Clone Wars. But based on a statement from a Cartoonnetworker, a lack of merchdise seems be what killed the show.

“Genddy’s moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn’t have enough toys connected to it. If you don’t have the, the studios don’t want to renew for another season.” (source)

I can only say, that while CN seems to be getting back to its roots renewing and annoucing more cartoons, they are out of their f@#%ing minds  canceling such an awesome show over such a small matter.

Good luck at Sony Pictures Mr. Tartakovsk, CN doesn’t know what genius just walked out their door.

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Young Justice: Bereft

Episode nine of Young Justice, opens with the team separated in the desert, with their memory wiped of the last six months. Miss Martian runs into Superboy, who because he was “born” in only sixteen weeks (four months), he’s been reduced to the mindset of a wild animal.  Or because of his massive strength and grunts, a D.C. Incredible Hulk.

Unlike the past four episodes where the focus was on a single character, this episode was very much an ensemble piece, although Miss Maritan did become more prominent to the plot near the conclusion of the episode, each team member (save for Aqualad) was given plenty of chances to show off. Robin, who has been mostly the team hacker and stealth expert, is given a great hand-to-hand combat sequence where he shows what skills you can get from training with Batman. Kid Flash finally shows what the fastest kid alive can do (even though he was running on empty) and Artemis shows that her bow is more than just for show.

The episode leads up to a final confrontation with Ms. Martian and “Simon” the psychic responsible for the team memory loss. The result was a pretty cool physic battle within Miss Martian’s head.

There was also some not-so subtle hints as to which characters are going to hook-up in the near future, with a special focus on Miss Martian and Superboy. In the previous episode “Downtime” Superboy and Miss Martian shared an “almost kiss” moment, only to be interrupted by Red Tornado, this was repeated after Miss Martian’s fight with Simon, only to be interrupted once again. It’s hard to see where Mr. Weisman and crew are going in terms of romance but knowing Greg Wesiman it will be good.

Unfortunately there will not be any new episodes until April.

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Aquaman: Finally awesome? (MCOM 341)

The latest episode of Greg Weisman’s newest series Young Justice, featured a much needed focus on team leader Aqualad. Many fans balked at the idea of Aqualad being team leader when the series was first announced. This is mainly because the general idea (among both comic fans and non-fans) of both Aquaman and Aqualad is two water guys who are useless on land and have dumb superpowers. (swimming fast and telepathically talk to fish). This idea has been relentlessly mocked by comedy shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken.

These spoofs make valid points of the flaws with the character. I mean do you really expect Aquaman of all superheroes to jump out of the sea and stop a bank robber? What can he do against a guy with a gun? Sick a goldfish on him?

However many of these parodies are based on the old Superfriends verison of the character. Who offered little help to the group on land. This once again was mocked by Cartoon Network.

So let’s face it, 1970’s Aquaman sucks.

Greg Weisman’s version of the character does not.

Ever since the show’s launch Weisman and his team have worked to subvert every downside and sucky aspect of Aqualad. For example, this Aqualad has sword-like hilts that can take water from any source and turn it into weapons (water swords, water maces, water whips, etc…), he also has tough skin from living in undersea pressure and is immune to most poisons. And when all else fails, Aqualad is able to unleash a bio-electrical shock that takes down most foes.

He is easily the most level-headed and calm member of the team, compared to the short tempered Superboy, abrasive Artemis impulsive Kid Flash, naive Miss Martian and secretive Robin.

The latest episode Downtime finally gave Aqualad and his fellow people of the deep to show off their true abilities. From summonings to enhanced martial arts.

I encourage both fans and non-fans alike to watch this particular episode and I assure you that the words “Aqualad” and “suck” will never cross your lips again.

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Comic Creator Passes On

On Febuary 22, the comic book world suffered a great loss as comic creator and story editor, Dwayne McDuffie died from complications from surgical  procedure.

If his name doesn’t sound familiar it would have to be because some of his best work came from behind the scenes. But even non-comic fans should know of his work through word of mouth from their friends, children, or just from flipping through the channels.

McDuffie is best known for adding diversity and prominent black characters in a mostly white-washed genre. In 1993 he launched several characters through DC comics (Superman and Batman’s home company), including Static, Icon, and Xombi. In 2000, Static was given his own animated series called Static Shock, a show that I am posistive was on the Satuday morning cartoon watch list for every 10 year old kid in 2000. And in case you can’t remember:

I know there are readers out there who just got hit by the nostalgia wave.  Or at least parents who remember seeing that show on TV when they told their kid to turn down the cartoons.

McDuffie also worked on 69 out of the 91 episodes of the Justice League television series that ran on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2006.  One of his most notable episodes (at least for me) is “For the Man Who Has Everything” which not only shows us Superman’s greatest dream (a life of peace with a wife and son on a farm) but what happens when you seriously piss off the most powerful man on the planet.

McDuffie is survived by his wife, to whom I send my deepest condolences.

Rest in peace, Dwayne McDuffie you will always be a legend to all of us comic fans.

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For Sale Signs

For sale signs have gotten as common in Baltimore as murders are.

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Real Estate: Sellers and Buyers

Real Estate agent Ayssia Essig helps to explain why the market is so difficult for sellers but so easy for buyers.

Photo by Omari Richards

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College Professor vs. Mugger

Anthony Richards a college professor of Essex community college runs into some trouble on his way home. Read how he successfully fended off an armed mugger with his martial arts training

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