Tiger-Con Unleashed at Towson

Tiger-Con Unleashed at Towson

By Omari Richards | Sept. 29, 2009

Tiger-con, a convention that celebrates Japanese animation or, Anime, was held on campus Saturday, and drew over 500 attendants, a number far greater than last year’s convention. The convention took place on all three floors of the University Union, another improvement from the previous convention which only took place on two floors.

“This year is running much smoother and with less problems,” said Chris Chott, a volunteer assistant for the convention. “Last year there was a lot of confusion over the time of events, and volunteers and guests canceling  at the last minute.”

The convention went from 9 a.m., to midnight to allow for plenty of time for guests and participants to arrive. Tiger-Con was also largely hyped and advertised via posters, e-mails, word of mouth, and fliers.

“We had trouble getting the word out last year,” said Carrie Wood, one of the organizers of the convention. “So we really went the extra mile this time, and it paid off.”

The large numbers allowed for much more colorful costume contest called the Masquerade. Con-goers dressed up as their various favorite characters and preformed skits, sang, or preformed dances. Judgment was based on creativity, overall appearance, and performance.

“I was surprised that a such a small campus drew in this many people,” said Tom Fugione, an entrant of the Masquerade. “It really helped the Masquerade be a lot more fun and exciting. I love going to conventions to see what characters people choose to dress up as.”

The main floor of the University Union was dedicated to various artists and merchandise, including the chance for participants to see themselves as anime characters. The guest artists were also able to draw the favorite characters of some participants. Merchandise included comics, DVDs, board games, and booster packs for various cards such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.

The Susquehanna area was converted into a gaming room which held many popular mulit-player games, such as Super Smash Bros: Brawl, Street Fighter IV, and Mario Kart. Chairs were divided into five rows in front of the screens, which served as the line for the games, with the ones closest to the screen with priority.

The Loch Raven room served as the viewing area for con-goers to see some of their favorite animes, many of which have not been been aired on American either at all or for a number of years.

“It was great to see Outlaw Star again,” Con-goer Matt Park said with obvious glee. “I haven’t seen it since it was on Toonami seven years ago.”

Panels were held in the Terrace and Potomac room. Subjects ranged from humorous such as “Ask a Ninja” to informative, “Writing for Graphic Novels.”

“People are here, they’re staying longer, and they’re enjoying themselves,” Wood said. “It’s bigger and its going to happen again.”


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